Corrugated Packaging Boxes and Sleeves – A Complete Package For All Products

Corrugated Packaging offers custom corrugated sheets to all major retail brands, since they are the cheapest packaging solution available. Their shipping is also easy, making their delivery cost effective. Besides, they also uphold the high quality of the corrugated materials used in the packaging.

Before getting into the technicalities and features of corrugated packaging boxes it’s important to elaborate the process on how corrugated materials are made. The raw material used for manufacturing these boxes includes corrugated paperboard, wood, cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, metal and plywood. For every material used in making a corrugated box, several processes are used for enhancing its quality and life. The most common ones are referred to as creep, crush, bend and fold. The materials used for the packaging are heating up at high temperatures to make them stiff and firm. The result is that these materials now hold their shape, are light weight and have good packing ability.

For the packing of wooden corrugated packaging boxes corrugated paperboard is used. For the metal and foam boxes, corrugated fiberboard or cardboard are used. For the cardboard packaging boxes, corrugated cardboard, metal or foam sheets are used. The shape of the corrugated boxes is also preplanned and built upon before the actual packaging process begins. This way the boxes can be handled perfectly and fit the desired shape and size, without deviating from the original design. These boxes are then printed with standard or custom labels according to the product.

Corrugated packaging boxes and sleeves are extensively used for the packing of electrical goods such as household electrical appliances, car audio and video equipment, laptops, portable DVD/CD players etc. These boxes are specially designed and manufactured for the specific purposes for which they have been manufactured. This means that one company will not be able to manufacture corrugated packaging boxes of every possible shape, size and type. Hence, it becomes imperative for businesses to get the best out of economical plastic extrusion manufacturers.

Plastic extrusion manufacturers use several advanced techniques to ensure the perfect fit of corrugated packaging boxes and sleeves. For example, the manufacturing process used for heavy duty corrugated boxes and sleeves involves three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) modeling. This enables the extruder machine to create the exact shape of products like corrugated cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, heavy duty corrugated box boards and heavy duty, UV coating boxes and sleeves. This also ensures that the packaging process produces lightweight molded pieces. The overall production time is cut down due to this technology.

Corrugated box and sleeves are used extensively for packaging products in order to protect them from damage. Corrugated materials can be used for almost any product under the sun. However, the boxes manufactured using standard boxes and sleeves are widely used for products that require maximum protection. Hence, corrugated packaging boxes and sleeves are manufactured with an eye towards providing maximum protection for a product.

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