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Display Your Product with Pride

All too often a shop neglects its shelving. A store’s stock may be immaculately presented in curated and interesting ways, only for it to be displayed upon tired and ill-considered furniture. Customers that spend more than a few moments glancing at a product will often discover tacky furnishings or low-quality shelving. At a time when brick and mortar stores are required to compete with the competitive prices of digital sales, for a business to neglect the foundations of its shopping experience is unwise.

The physical store should, more than ever, be a positive experience for the customer, one that leaves the shopper with the impression that the store values them. Some businesses do this successfully with artistic displays that create an immersive impression of their product. Outdoor specialists will create large tableaus that demonstrate their product while impressing upon the customer the idea that they will have a similar experience when they buy the product. Alternatively, the elegance of a jewellery store, for instance, will begin with the product and continue through high-quality of the display cabinet. However, if either of these were to have lackluster store furniture or furnishing, the product loses its value.

This is why, when considering your store’s design, absolute care should be given to the shop furniture, as it is to be the foundation on which your stock figuratively and literally stands. Instead of shopping for basic shelving, consider talking to a shop furniture expert, one who may be able to advise or suggest a wide array of options. Not only should you consider looking for high-quality and long-lasting shop equipment but also items that will adhere or support your store’s design. Every part of the shop should echo your brand. If you brand is organic, one that involves nature, then consider shopping for a handmade counter made from wood. Or, if you product is decadent; consider bespoke display units from Crown Display, which can match the product’s value.

It is also effective to have versatile furniture. Since your store’s custom will often fluctuate, such as during seasonal shopping periods, you will benefit from having flexible displays. For instance, while it may be beneficial to display a large amount of product variety in a central space, such as on a freestanding gondola, during the Christmas season, it will be more valuable to your customers to have greater space with which to browse. In this scenario, having central shelving that can be easily and quickly moved or stored allows more space to be created, stopping customers from becoming stressed or trapped.

With increased competition for high street stores, half measures aren’t predicted to last. No longer are shops able to cut corners within their overheads if they hope to retain their place. For a store to gain community trust and value it must show that it brings value. By creating a shop that customers want to shop in, that also proudly supports your brand identity, is a recipe for longevity.

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