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Employee Gift Ideas – Tips to Keep Your Team Happy

It is essential to show your employees appreciation during festivals and office parties. Bonuses and small gifts are brilliant gestures to show your employees that you care. Fruitcake and gift baskets are quite old fashioned and thus you could try gifts that will promote your health. Here are some wonderful gift ideas to help you inspire a healthy lifestyle.

The cadeau corporatif haut de gamme fait au Québec like gift certificates from various options like Pilates or yoga studios are a suitable gift. You could purchase a weekly or monthly meal plans, massages or even personal trainer sessions. Besides this, self-help books and cookbooks will help to promote good health. These books will help employees to develop leadership skills that will improve employees’ career and help them to adapt change.

Try the portable blender

Portable blender is another valuable option to choose from. You could prepare smoothies from veggies and fruits. Single serving smoothie machines are much simpler to blend. If you wish to promote cardiovascular fitness, set of kettle bell is an ideal option. They are powerful tools and hence will help build muscle.

You could try certain post workout aids for the employees like foam roller. They are useful tools and will help you in relieving tension. This roller has uneven surface that will act like a massager and loosen work out knots and muscles.

Benefits of the bosu ball

Bosu ball comes with amazing benefits for the user. This ball is unstable and hence adds intensity to the workout sessions. The users are required to engage in core muscles to maintain balance. Some people in your office might be trying to cut butter and salt from their diet. In such cases, seasoning with fresh herbs is a good way to add flavor in food without jacking up calories.

Activity tracker for good health

Wireless activity tracker will record the calories burned and steps walked during the day. Such gadgets will help your employees to feel motivated and move more. Besides this, you could also gift bright colored silicone lunch boxes to the employees so that they can pack lunch and thus stay slim.

This year show your employees that you actually care for them. Give them things that they will actually enjoy and it helps in improving the overall work environment too. The above-mentioned thoughtful ideas are amazing for next festive season. You could easily purchase these gifts online.

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