Guide To The Perfect Storage Unit – Size Estimator For Self Storage

When it comes to getting the perfect storage unit, you’ll want to ensure you have enough space to store all of your goods comfortable. Whilst you don’t want an excess of space, trying to cram too many items into too small a unit could result in unnecessary damage or wear and tear.

On the other hand, if you select a unit which is too big for your needs, you could be spending more than you need. As most storage facilities set their prices according to the size of the unit you select, choosing the right unit can help you to minimise your outgoings and ensure your goods are well-preserved.

Choosing the right unit size

The perfect unit size will depend on what you want to keep in storage. If you want to store clothes in your unit, for example, they can be reduced to a fairly small size. Providing you pack them well, clothes can be easily condensed and will take up a relatively small amount of space in a unit.

If you need to use your unit to store furniture, however, you won’t be able to condense its size as easily. While flat pack furniture can often be taken apart to save space, solid furniture will need to be stored as-is. In addition to this, wrapping furniture or packing it is always advised, as it can help to prevent damage when you’re transporting it.

As a rough storage unit guide, a 125 sq ft unit or a 150 sq unit is most suited to users who are planning to store the contents of an average three-bedroom property. If you need to store more than this, a 200 sq ft unit may be your best option. Of course, there are plenty of smaller units available too. A 16 sq ft unit may sound small, but you’d be surprised at how many boxes or containers you can fit into this space.

Using an online unit estimator is a great way to get an idea of what size unit you’ll need, but visiting a storage facility is even better. If you take a look around Henfield storage units, for example, you’ll be able to see exactly how much space each unit provides and make an accurate decision about what sized unit it right for you.

Packing your storage unit

If you pack your unit well, you can minimise the amount of space you actually need. If you’re renting a larger storage unit, for example, placing larger items, such as washing machines, against the walls can be the easiest way to store them. Similarly, furniture can often be stored strategically in order to save space. You may want to store a fabric sofa on its side, for example, as this can help to reduce the amount of space it takes up.

Whether you’re storing commercial goods for business purposes or household items because you’ve run out of space at home, the perfect unit can solve all of your storage needs.

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