Helpful Benefits of Forensic Animations

While forensic animation will never replace expert testimony and evidentiary exhibits, it can effectively improve both. Forensic animation is used by litigation attorneys to support their cases. It is quite persuasive and has greater retention in the memories of jurors. Forensic animation services will come up with animations that can bring a case to life. Below are the major benefits of forensic animations:

Recreating the Event

Forensic animation virtually recreates events from various perspectives. Also, it can slow down the action or zoom in to disclose vital details. It uses full-motion computer graphics to help jurors visualize a car crash or an assault crime. It can even show a product failure that led to wrongful death or personal injury.

Forensic animation depends on the same computer-driven technology used in action films and the same advanced forensic science law enforcement uses. Animation creators compile images from a variety of sources and perspectives including from forensic experts, police officers, eyewitness statements, engineers, body and security cameras, as well as autopsies.

To bring a car crash scene to life, animators gather data at the scene, information about the terrain, and traffic conditions at the time the accident took place, police photos, and others. In medical malpractice cases, medical injuries or conditions are explained using computer-aided animation.

Getting It Right

Putting together all pieces of evidence to make a strong, cohesive animation that agrees with the facts presented requires serious efforts and thoughts. Usually, there are some reports from police and other expert witnesses that must be assembled to ensure the facts are logical and cohesive. Every report must highlight a different aspect of the evidence and some viewpoints as to what took place can be conflicting.

A forensic animator can offer a preview animation that shows the inconsistencies of the facts. Thus, the expert witness may have to question and clarify some of the presented facts and assumptions of the evidence that are conflicting. Such a preview can help in searching for truth as it can rule out some situations based on a certain set of facts.

The ability to analyze forensic animations allows attorneys to be better prepared to face the various scenarios that may arise in court. The true value comes out of the visual check and detailed analysis. The discussions that happened between all parties and the clear visuals made help in ensuring accuracy and alignment with the case of an attorney.

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