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Here’s Why You Should Equip Yourself With Health Insurance This Monsoon

Almost everyone waits for the monsoon season. From farmers to school-going children, everyone loves the rains! The scenery for sure is beautiful outside, trees get greener, and the smell of the soil after the rainfall is the most refreshing fragrance. However, it is not all nice and pretty, rains also come with many bacteria, viruses, etc. The temperature, as well as humidity fluctuates that leads to creating places filled with organisms that cause diseases. This season also comes with ailments such as dengue, leptospirosis, malaria, and cholera. Even if you try to escape these diseases, there are chances of you falling prey to them.

Mentioned below are a few risks that mostly get associated with the rainy season

  1. Road-accidents causing injuries

The roads tend to get risky due to heavy rains, and there are a lot of potholes in India that get filled with rainwater too. This can cause bikes as well as other vehicles to lose grip and cause accidents. Several unfortunate events are observed during this season as the roads become slippery. Due to this, not only are accidents caused, but some major injuries are also caused. Hence, it is advisable to buy health insurance to take care of the medical expenses.

  1. Gives birth to numerous waterborne diseases

The rainy season starts by the end of June and continues till September. In this duration we face stagnant water, clogged drainage systems, etc. that causes the infections to grow. Still water can give birth to various diseases that you might not even be aware of. Also, mosquitoes thrive on the water that gets accumulated, which leads to life-threatening diseases like malaria and dengue. No matter how good you feel about the rains, they bring hospitalizations, an increased number of accidents, and numerous water-borne diseases. The costs for treating these cannot be borne by everybody. Purchasing insurance plans for vector borne diseases and looking for dengue insurance is the most logical step to deal with these diseases.

  1. Electrocution

Besides both the risks mentioned above, there is also a high risk of electrocution during the rainy season. You have open wires coming out of the junction box that causes electrocution. If you are driving on roads that are waterlogged and have open wires, you will be risking your lives.

Do not wait for the right time to buy health insurance policy, get it right away! Also, don’t just purchase it for protection against the monsoon diseases, you will need a good healthcare plan throughout the year as you never know what happens when. Especially the elderly will tend to contract more diseases at this age. Hence, you can look to invest in a health insurance for senior citizens that will cater to their needs.

Firstly, compare several insurance plans online and look for the one that you find suitable. Also, look through the plan for coverage as well as exclusions mentioned in the policy wordings. Many insurance companies will provide coverage for pre and post-hospitalization, day-care procedures, etc. Also check if your insurer is offering you the cashless claim settlement process, as it makes the entire reimbursement procedure simple for you. Look for the list of network hospitals provided by your insurance provider and whether any of them are in your vicinity. No matter how much you feel that you don’t require a health plan, if you go to think, purchasing the policy would be more affordable than paying the hospital bills from your pocket in case of a medical emergency.

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