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How and Why Personalised Clothing is One of the Best Promotional Tools for Business Today

The popularity of personalised clothing hasn’t waned, and it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon. For one, personalised apparel is effective and affordable, and this is already a big draw for many businesses wanting to promote themselves. Another reason for the popularity of customised clothing is that it is quite durable, and anyone can wear it for an extended period of time. More than this, its effects are long-lasting too, as long as someone is wearing the apparel, you will continue to promote your business; there is virtually no time limit to its effectiveness. But what other reasons are there for the popularity of personalised apparel? Let’s have a look at how and why personalised clothing is one of the best promotional tools for business today.

  • It has a lower cost compared to other promotional or marketing tools. The point is, when you go for written advertisements or sponsor an event, it can only go so far. Once the time limit for the printed advertisement is up, then your exposure is finished as well. Once the event is finished, it might be hard for customers to remember your part in it. But this isn’t the case with promotional, personalised clothing – its effect can go on and on as long as someone is wearing it, and the cost of producing it is lower and gives you more value for money compared to other methods and tools.
  • If you think you don’t have the funds for personalised apparel, think again. Personalised apparel is especially useful for start-up businesses because it allows them to promote themselves without digging too deep into their pockets. You can order, for example, 25 personalised t-shirts, and they will go a long way. Alternatively, you can order as many as a hundred or a thousand pieces of customised clothing, and the more you order, the less you pay.
  • With customised apparel, you have the advantage of repetition. And we all know that repetition is crucial when it comes to the achievement of your marketing and advertising goals. It has been proven that advertisements must go through a prospect’s mind more than a few times before this prospect becomes a customer, and with other marketing methods, this can be quite expensive. Not so with personalised wearables – they already have a built-in repetitive factor, which works well if you want to make your desired impact with your audience.
  • Personalised apparel is also great at promoting word-of-mouth, as t shirt printing in London experts, like Garment Printing, know all too well. Word-of-mouth is indeed your best friend with regards to promoting your wares and services, and someone wearing your garment to different places is even more effective than word-of-mouth. It’s an actual endorsement of your brand and company since the wearer of your garment implies that they approve of or support your brand.
  • If you are thinking of giving away personalised apparel as prizes or souvenirs, your customers will certainly appreciate it. The fact is, personalised garments such as t-shirts and caps and jerseys have a higher perceived worth compared to other giveaways and souvenirs, and customers are more likely to appreciate this grand gesture than if you were to, say, give them a mug or a notepad.

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