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How Can Managers Gain The Most Out Of Gemba Walks? Find Here!

Change is the only constant. One of the core tasks of management is to find ways and opportunities to improve operations and work flow. There are various techniques that are adopted for achieving operational efficiency and Gemba walk is one of them. If you are wondering what does Gemba walk mean and how you can successfully conduct this management technique, you should definitely read the guide below.

The basics at a glance

The best way to gain perspective about work process is by observation, and Gemba walk intends to utilize that. In simple words, this is a management strategy, where managers go to the actual place of work and observe the flow, processes and steps, so as to find the possible means for improvement. This is a collaborative process, which means that managers are expected to ask a lot of questions and talk to employees, which further offers insight on opportunities that can enhance productivity.

Conducting Gemba walks

It is necessary to follow a set of dos and don’ts to make the most out of Gemba walks. There are a few aspects to understand-

  1. Gemba walk is about the actual work process and not people. Do not roam around like a superior while on a Gemba walk. You need to encourage people to participate.
  2. Gemba walks must be scheduled and everyone on the floor must know what it refers to. People need to be aware that this is not a means to evaluate their performance on the floor.
  3. It is necessary to take time to conduct Gemba walk. This is a detailed process, which does involve a lot of questioning and seeking clear answers.

Getting an app

There are apps that can help in systemizing the process, and if you want to make the most of your time and effort, a Gemba walk app can be really handy. Keep in mind that each app is different, but the sole purpose is to simplify the process and bring more insight to the table. The best apps for Gemba walks allow managers to record details, take notes, photos and documents, and get everything in order, so that real decisions can be taken. The process is an absolutely transparent one, and with such apps, the success rate of the exercise can be maximized.

Check online now to find more on Gemba walk apps, and don’t forget to inform your people.

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