How to Choose Between Single Walled and Double Walled Custom Boxes?

Your choice of packaging depends upon the level of strength and durability you expect. There are certain delicate items that needs to be shipped or some sensitive works need to be stored for a long time. These required a hardy packaging. Here, price should not the highest priority.

Among the packing materials available, the broadest classification is single walled and double walled custom boxes. There are numerous companies that provide custom boxes cheap made from low quality cardboards and technology. You might be tempted to pick the lowest priced boxes. But, keep in mind that, a satisfied customer now will be a bearer of better sales for your tomorrow.

What are these boxes made of?

These are made of fluted paper that is held between liner papers on either side. It could be single layered or double layered. Various kinds of papers are used for this purpose like Kraft paper, test paper, recycled paper or semi-chemical paper.

Generally, the outer layer is made of Kraft paper, while the inner layer is made of test paper. The flutes in between, vary in size and thickness. The durability and strength of the boxes solely depend on these parameters.

Single walled custom boxes

Single walled boxes exhibit a single layer of flute. The flutes are made parallel to the depth dimension of the box. This defines the durability of the box. These are, generally preferred to transport via shipping containers.

Longer flutes help in absorbing severe shocks and give more protection. Shorter flutes help to absorb crushing effect. These flutes help in insulating the items from sudden temperature changes.

Double walled custom boxes

Double walled -boxes have two layers of flutes. These flutes are varied in depth and thickness, so that benefits of combining various flute types can be reaped. Their strength depends on the 5-ply construction. Due to their increase in strength, they are preferred to carry heavy items, items that need damage-protection and for long term storage.

These are used in heavy-duty containers. Their extra padding and rigidity make them useful in heavy industries. These are highly preferred in manufacturing and retail sectors.


Before ordering for the packaging boxes, you should be clear on the requirements. Decide if it is for light-weight or heavy or delicate items. Also, decide the duration of storage. Even though double walled is costlier to single walled, it increases customer satisfaction by proper shipping and damage-free packing.

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