Improving Customer Service Standards with a Multilingual Team

The modern day customer has many different avenues to go down, many different companies to choose from. It is therefore vital that you provide them with everything that they are looking for from the very first time they have any form of communication or interaction with you. The best customer service teams are those that demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to the challenges presented to it. If, for example, your company and its service and products has gained success in a certain field or location you have to match those demands and needs. It could be that the best route for your company is to provide customer service agents or sales agents with a different language provision than your head office location can provide.

The modern customer service team must comprise of whatever it is the customer requires from it. If you need a team that speaks a different language to that which your current team possesses, it could be time to seek out a professional contact centre team with the team members that can speak to your customers in their own language. This has become more of a necessity in recent years with greater movement of people across the globe, and the importance of multilingual customer service teams can be seen in places such as the US for instance, where there is a huge cultural melting pot and large populations of Spanish-speaking people, alongside many other languages besides English. Why take the risk of alienating a huge potential customer market, or at best providing a service that doesn’t deliver as well as to your English-speaking audience?

In Europe as well, it could be that your head office is located in England, but you have offices, warehouses, suppliers, and customers in Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal. Hiring a team of multilingual customer service agents ensures that you are fully covered to get the message across as accurately as possible when speaking to people in these different countries. This is important whether you are selling to potential customers, following up as a customer service query with existing customers, or speaking to suppliers.

The benefits are obvious, with the first being that you can improve customer service standards drastically by speaking to customers in their own language. There is less chance of them misunderstanding a point made, being let down, or being unable to find the answer they are looking for from your customer service team.

What this will lead to over time is a greater retention of customers, due to the importance of communication in any relationship, but especially in terms of customer and company relationships. Building trust is vital to customer loyalty, and by speaking a customer’s language you can begin to build that trust in a genuine way. A call centre can be used to provide your company with any number of services, including as an overflow option when your phone lines are too busy and your in-house staff are overwhelmed. It can also be used as an exclusive outbound sales team, or to provide customer service teams during your office out of hours.

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