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Know About The Electric Calibrations In Singapore

If you are someone looking for a list of electricity calibration companies in Singapore, then this article could be very beneficial. An electricity metre, also known as smart meters, is a device that tracks electric power and is accessible in dual configurations. The calibration guarantees that perhaps the recorded error of the machine satisfies the criteria. A routine calibration ensures that the instruments are accurate and stable. Knowing what companies provide calibrations have become very much important nowadays and especially in Singapore.

Some Companies:

Here’s a list of some companies that provide electric calibrations in Singapore:

  • Sembcorp Power
  • Tuas Power Generation
  • Summit Power International
  • Paccificlight Energy
  • SP Powerassets
  • Keppel Merlimau Cogen

There are other various relevant companies as well. The ones listed above are some of the best electric calibrations companies in Singapore.


The central repositories are in charge of keeping nationwide calibration curves for every calculation quantity and disseminating geodetic expertise and tracking within the industry in the region. All these companies comply with the Government made regulation regarding electric calibrations and also ensured the client’s satisfaction.

They also grant certification of calibration. Straight from the client website Calibration, you may obtain your specifically addressed and additional details about your measurement device.

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