Know All about the Roadside Assistance Cover Under Two Wheeler Insurance

Passionate bike lovers frequently take their bikes out for long rides. Imagine you planned a road trip with your prized possession and you’re loaded with excitement. However, unlike the other trips, this one is a little far away from your hometown. When you’ve finally hit the roads and have already traveled a significant distance, you face a few hiccups in your journey. You’ve run out of fuel! In a situation like this, you will have to drag your vehicle to a petrol pump yourself, which is too much work. And needless to mention how all the fun of your trip just got ruined. However, all of this could have been avoided if you had purchased a 24×7 Roadside Assistance Cover along with your 2 wheeler insurance.

Let’s look into the benefits provided by the Roadside Assistance Cover:

  1. Delivery of Fuel

Your bike’s fuel tanks won’t necessarily be full all the time. In case it skips your mind, you may be out of fuel in a while, if you are not able to locate a petrol pump nearby. In cases like this, you can directly contact your insurance provider and ask them to provide you with the amount of fuel that will help you reach the nearest fuel pump.

  1. Taking care of Minor Repairs

In case there is a breakdown on your way and you’re unable to start your vehicle, a mechanic will be sent by your insurance company, to repair your bike. Incidents like these are unpredictable, and so if you do not have the roadside assistance cover, you can still purchase it during two wheeler insurance renewal.

  1. Fixing of Flat Tire

You can’t carry a spare tire while riding a two-wheeler like you can in a car. In case you face punctures in the middle of your journey, you will have to take your bike to the garage yourself for repairs. However, this problem will also be solved if you have a Roadside Assistance Cover. You can call your insurer, and a person will be sent with the required tools. Your bike puncture will be sealed and you will be able to ride your bike again without difficulty.

  1. Fixing of Bike’s Battery

Especially during the monsoon, there are chances of your bike’s battery to die out, which will leave you stranded in the heavy rains. You can always contact your insurer, and they will send help to start your two-wheeler’s battery or instruct the process over a call.

  1. Towing to a network garage

In case you get involved in an accident and your bike gets damaged, you can simply get in contact with your insurance provider and get it towed to a network garage. You won’t even have to arrange for a towing van, your insurance provider will send a cab for you to reach the destination.

Process of purchasing a Roadside Assistance Cover

You can only purchase a 24×7 Roadside Assistance add-on cover along with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. If you purchase the plan online, it will be most convenient for you. If you wish to secure your bike with a motor insurance policy and the roadside assistance cover, you will need to visit your preferred insurer’s website and choose the plan. Provide the necessary details about you and your bike, set the Insured Declared Value, and opt for the Roadside Assistance Add-on.

Before you make the payment, make sure to go through the terms and conditions of your two-wheeler insurance policy. You will receive the policy document in your inbox. Don’t forget to check if the Roadside Assistance cover is mentioned in your policy document. Then, print out the policy and always keep the document with you while riding your bike.

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