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The Best Tips to Apply for Oil and Gas Jobs

The oil and gas industry is growing rapidly in Thailand and many people are seeking job opportunities throughout the country. If you live anywhere in Thailand or abroad, and are looking for job opportunities in the oil and gas industry, you should know that there are plenty of options available in Thailand. However, if you are not careful when applying, you might end up losing out. There are a number of different companies that are operating in the country, and because competition is so high, it’s recommended that you streamline your application. Here are some of the best tips to apply for oil and gas jobs.

Create a Shortlist

Don’t start sending applications randomly on jobs that you aren’t even applicable for. It’s in extremely bad taste and isn’t going to help you out at all. Instead, you should create a shortlist of different job opportunities that are available for you. Make sure that you compile a list of opportunities that best suit your needs, and then plan accordingly. There are plenty of different job hunting sites that you can use to compile a shortlist. You can simply search for oil and gas jobs in Thailand and narrow down your options accordingly.

Streamline Your CV

More importantly, you will need to streamline your CV before you decide to send an application. It doesn’t matter if you qualify for a particular job or not, you have to make sure that your CV is good enough before you apply. Most people don’t even know how to create a decent CV; they just put in all of their experience on one page. Instead of this, you need to make sure that your CV is properly refined.

For instance, make sure that your CV is limited to one page only. Many of the world’s greatest individuals have CVs that do not go beyond one page. If your CV is extending beyond one page, there’s needless information on there. More importantly, try to add information on your CV that gives the other person a better idea about who you are not just as a professional, but also as an individual. You will want to make sure that you provide relevant information in a chronological order to the reader.

Contact a Recruitment Agency

If you are unable to secure a job opportunity, you should also consider getting in touch with a professional company that offers recruitment opportunities. There are numerous companies that offer job opportunities to people looking to move to Thailand. Once you secure a job opportunity, you will need to pay a fee to the recruitment agency. In most cases, the fee is usually equivalent to a month’s salary that you are going to get on your new job. These are just a few things that you should know about getting a job in Thailand. It’s important that you persevere and don’t get your hopes down if you want to secure a job.



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