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The Importance of Understanding Your Customers Needs

In business it is important that you understand your customer’s needs, if you can understand them, then, it brings you one step closer to being able to relate to them. If you can relate to them, then you can really start to appreciate how what your business does can affect them in some way. On a production line every action will have a ripple effect and, in something like the cosmetics industry that can be catastrophic if, the result is a negative one.

Everyone’s a customer

A really interesting perspective to take yet a hard one to master is one of, that everybody is your customer, as are you to them. If this approach is taken within a business before the product is even made and sent out to your company’s customers, then it will almost certainly have a positive effect when it comes to the quality of the cosmetics that land in their hands.

With a production line, who specialize in bar soap production (known as รับผลิตสบู่ก้อน in Thai) each person is usually so far removed from the customer who will make the purchase of your product that it can be easy for standards to drop or, a lack of care to enter the equation. If each department within your team can adopt the ‘customer’ mind set when it comes to the job they do before somebody else takes over then, you can be almost certain that more care and attention will go into making the finished product.

Work as a team

The best production lines in operation today work as a team all the way through their products creation, they comminate really well in order to manage expectations and, to deliver a quality product. All the way from development to hitting the shop shelves ready for the end user to purchase.

Be open minded to change

Change is one of those things that people love to hate, if it suits them of course. If you have been in business for some time already and have some staff members that have been there a few years you might have noticed some reluctance to change in the past, when things have to be done, a new or different way to support the business.

It’s understandable, but, certainly, with newer team members it can become quite toxic, so, it’s really important that even you longest serving members of staff, or, ‘customers’ understand that businesses need to change from time to time and without it the business might not move forward property.

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