When You Should Use Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms

With numerous emerging and competing standards for the various cellular devices, it’s tempting to consider a fast fix for the enterprise mobile needs. Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) attempt to leverage established back-ends which makes them open to both android and ios (and theoretically, BlackBerry and WP7). This can be a high goal and also at some level MEAPs could be effective, but there are several important factors while evaluating a MEAP-based solution.

Define that which you aspire to accomplish together with your mobile endeavor. In case your goals require a moderate quantity of interaction between your tool and the consumer, a MEAP-based solution will most likely miss user expectations. MEAPs need to function across multiple platforms with minor personalization, and due to this “cheapest common denominator” design requirement, the knowledge typically appears flat or cumbersome. A MEAP can’t make the most of architecture or conventions not present with all devices and it is individuals variations that attract individuals to iOS or Android or BlackBerry devices. Be it the entire lexicon of gestures or a few of the hardware advantages, none of those are for sale to a MEAP to make use of.

Be care when purchasing specialized development. MEAPs are frequently proprietary, and customizing and looking after them could be a specialized skill. Organizations will either need to depend around the vendor for help or purchase teaching these skills to personnel. Adding a brand new technology for your stack (even one that’s supposed help you save some work) includes lengthy-term ramifications. If what you are attempting to accomplish is core for your business, a MEAP-based solution may be an excessive amount of a danger.

HTML 5 is originating. Because HTML5 is really a standard that each mobile phone will ultimately need to support, it may be considered a MEAP. This is an evolving standard and does not make the most of mobile phone native features, but it is not proprietary and HTML5 skills is going to be simpler to locate later on. The issue with HTML5 is “when?” When will the conventional solidify enough for that free community to construct the various tools featuring to create HTML5 development greater than a curiosity?

When if you work with a mobile enterprise application platform? MEAPs could be a good fit when you are trying to make a simple mobile content portal for finish users. The main focus ought to be a fast, cost-efficient way to leverage documentation and media from the mobile phone. Avoid personalization and user interaction minimal. Utilize the effectiveness of the selected MEAP, try not to be excessively ambitious. Understand that when you are prepared to transfer to a far more serious enterprise mobile solution, you’ll most likely need to start on your own to have it right.

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